Midwifery care is about developing our relationship- you learn to trust us and we learn to trust you. The Midwifery Model of Care, although comprehensive and complete, should be a collaboration with the family that involves evidence- based education in a relaxed environment. Our goal is not to manage your birth for you, but to guide it in a way that will make it safe, joyous and wonderful experience. Your body was made perfectly for this process, and providing you with the necessary information to understand and not fear birth, we achieve our goal, whatever that is for you.

What to Expect


Your first two appointments are the longest due to paperwork and health history. General labs are drawn at the first visit as well. We draw all labs in house. You may need a sonogram for dating at this time as well. The second appointment involves reviewing lab-work, nutritional analysis with emphasis on protein, and a physical. At each appointment you will be given your chart to record your weight, urinalysis, and review my notes. Again, this is a partnership…you’re not sick!


After that each appointment is 30 minutes long. We meet once a month before 28-weeks, every two weeks from 28-36 weeks, and then weekly until you deliver. At each appointment your weight, urine, blood pressure, growth, and fetal heart rate will be assessed. We spend the rest of the time discussing how to stay healthy and grow a healthy baby. Emphasis on natural birth, preparation, and emotional changes are normal topics for discussion.


The Big Day

Its go time

When the big day finally happens, the midwife on call and an assistant/student midwife will either come to your home or at our birth center depending on your choice for location of delivery. We provide intermittent fetal monitoring and maternal assessment throughout the labor; which is the standard of care. Beyond that we assess the fetal position and encourage maternal position changes to facilitate the birth process. We offer emotional support with a variety of options including massage, herbs, aromatherapy, and deep relaxation. We believe in low intervention which means intervene only when you have to!


After the long awaited birth of your baby the real work begins! Maternal and newborn vitals are diligently monitored and a newborn exam completed at your bedside to teach you all the wonderful aspects of you baby. We believe all women can breastfeed with support and are dedicated to that. You will have continuous support if you need it. All birth certificate and social security card filing will be handled by our staff. There is not extra work on your part. When the midwife generally leaves within 3-6 hours after the birth. Mom and baby must be stable and discharge instruction and plan are understood by all. 


After the Birth

We check in every morning and evening to review maternal and newborn vitals. There is a 2 day appointment to assess the baby and mom, complete the birth certificate, perform the metabolic screening and congenital heart defect screening recommended by the state. You will be scheduled to meet with our lactation consultant and chiropractor at some point during your first week. We meet again at 2 weeks to talk about parenting a newborn and the emotions that surround it. At the 6 week visit we perform a complete physical on mom, complete labs and PAP if needed, discuss birth control options, and then you are on your way until your next yearly well woman exam.