Ah-may-zing. If you want to feel confident and at ease, have a peaceful pregnancy and natural birth. TOL is your heaven on earth. You get to know each midwife and they are truly all so knowledgeable, kind, and all around awesome. About to give birth here for my second time. I truly honestly can’t imagine going anywhere else! When I was extremely sick during the first trimester of my first pregnancy, they gave me all the tools I needed for me to get and feel better! My original OB wouldn’t even see me- just said I was fine or to go to the hospital. TOL took me same day and got an IV in me because I was dehydrated. I can’t be more thankful for how much they cared (both locations) and both pregnancies! Being able to give birth in one of their beautiful rooms was awesome. Being able to move around during labor is vital! Not being trapped there after delivery was also awesome. You get to leave soon after birth, no one wants to be cooped up in a hospital- you aren’t sick! Just check this place out, it’s like a baby Bed and Breakfast!
— Gabriella Owens, January 2018

I transferred late with my first (35 weeks) and felt very trusting and truly in the care of not just a knowledgable midwife but also a mifwife that knows when her scope of care needs additional support. That was so very important to me. I didn’t want a practice with the bragging rights of the lowest rate of transfer. I wanted a practice that was conservative, but not willing to take risks. I found that with Kaleen and tree of life.

They say nurses make the worst patients and well, I’m a nurse. Kaleen was always available to answer the silliest questions without making me feel less than, comfort me when I was scared but still honest about the expectations of pregnancy and labor. We did have some hiccups with all 3 of my births (because my kids were born challenging lol) but, Kaleen was prepared and kept all 3 of my babies (as well as me) safe and healthy. I was able to experience how empowering birth and my own strength thanks to TOL. That is gift and blessing that is unforgettable! Thank you TOL and Kaleen for supporting our family at the most vulnerable time. We love you!
— Nichole Petito Carrau, January 2018

We welcomed Londyn Sloan into our world (house) yesterday afternoon! I had such a great experience with tree of life through my whole care - every time leaving feeling empowered and encouraged ! I’ve had one of each kind of births!

A hospital vaginal - then a c section, then an amazing home birth !!!!!!!

I would do it all over again with tree of life and their team and of course at home!!! Diane and Emily rocked yesterday with me 200%! God is good !
Brandon and I are grateful !
— Ligia Marie Lee, November 2017

Excellent care and service! Drop that OB/GYN now and start getting the amazing care from these midwives. Every appt felt like my husband and I were the only ones there. Never felt like my concerns or beliefs were unimportant or judged. Everyone here truly cares about their patients. I planned a home birth but ended up having to deliever at the hospital (FL South...had a great experience). I was way over due, and it was no longer safe to deliever at home. Although our plans changed, Jaclyn was with us the whole way through. She stayed with us at the hospital until our daighter was born. You do not see this kind of care and compassion anymore.
— Brittany Negron, November 2017

I was a pretty lucky duck with my birth story! I had my first child with the tree of life and it was an amazing experience! I switched to them at 28 weeks pregnant and they made me feel very comfortable from the very beginning. I decided on a birth center birth and I was a couple days over due so I called the center and said I was having constant lower back pain, but did not think I was in labor. They had me come in to get checked out anyway. When I arrived they told me I was 8 cm dilated! I was only there for 30 minutes before my water broke. Once my water broke I started laboring in the bath tub for about 50 minutes and then they moved me to the bed. I had my son with in the next couple minutes! I arrived at 11:30am, water broke at 12pm and I had my son at 1:15pm! With this being my first baby and having the tree of life there with me on my journey, words cannot describe how grateful I am for there support and how informative they were! I felt very prepared and ready thanks to them! I will definitely be having a home birth next time and hopefully with the tree of life!
— Samantha Westerman, JULY 2017

I moved to Tree of Life slightly more than halfway through my first pregnancy because my previous practice and I weren’t on the same page. From the moment of my first consult, through the birth of my son I felt at home. All of my questions were answered, my concerns were heard, I felt cared for and supported. We had minor concerns during the delivery process - but any possible “complication” was met proactively and swiftly. I totally trusted that things were under control and if I would have needed to be moved it would have happened immediately. I recommend Tree of Life to everyone I talk to and hope to deliver future babes with them. I am eternally grateful for my care and experience!
— Stephanie Forshee, July 2017

Where to begin? After learning that I was pregnant with my fifth child 3 years ago, and as a transplant to Florida, I was unsure of who I could trust to provide safe, quality, compassionate care to my daughter to be and myself. I’d had four previous low intervention pregnancies, labors and deliveries, and was in search of a provider who would be supportive of that and follow suit. I needed to find a provider who was competent, while recognizing that pregnancy isn’t strictly a “medical condition” worthy of a chain of interventions. Luckily, a friend of mine referred me to Tree of Life, and I am eternally grateful.

There are truly no words to describe the level of care that I received, delivered with a very wholistic approach-taking my mind, body, and spirit all into consideration which was so important to me. I never felt like a number, I never felt rushed through my appointments. All of the staff was incredibly supportive, knowledgable, and encouraging and I always felt like baby and I were in good hands. Although baby number five was a shoulder dystocia baby, thanks to the quick thinking and swift actions of Rhonda and Shannon, she was safely born. Frankly, I’m grateful that I was in their care as their critical thinking skills and clinical judgment are spot on.

When I learned that I was expecting baby number six, there was no doubt in my mind that I would choose Tree of Life for my prenatal care. Baby number six was born ten days ago, after a sometimes stressful almost 42 weeks of pregnancy, under the guidance and watchful eyes of Kaleen and Shannon and with the amazing support of my loving husband. It couldn’t have been a more beautiful experience. I absolutely recommend Tree of Life! Thank you all for everything!
— Kimberly Dawn, August 2017

I had my second homebirth after cesarian last year with Tree of Life College Park and Rhonda and Diane were both great! My water birth went very smoothly as far as births go and was uncomplicated. Kaleen also helped me with some post partum issues and was also great. I recommend them all the time!
— April Elizabeth Henry, JULY 2017

I don’t have enough white space here... nor would anyone have enough time to sit and read all the details, but when labor started to actually pick up last Sunday evening (6/4/17) and everything started to roll... I still sit here in awe. All six previous labors I had the full hospital experience. All were epidurals and pitocin. All were laying flat on my back for hours letting the drugs take over and tell my body what to do. That was the muscle and brain memory I had of what labor felt like... which was pretty easy going and nothing to worry over. Turn-key-operation.

This experience was completely all natural and at home. No medication, no one-size-fits-all labor structure. Just me and my body doing what it was designed to do.

I just can’t explain it all. It’s something that I will never forget and something I will cherish forever. All the pains, the waves, the emotions, the physical up’s and down’s, the tears... every moment was so new to me. Including keeping our baby’s gender a surprise for us. I can say that this was my favorite birthing experience. I won’t take away from each moment I looked into our babies eyes for the first time. That’s not what I’m talking about. I am referring to the actual business of giving birth. This was just beautiful.

Tree of Life made this a beautiful experience. We loved everyone we saw during our pregnancy. It was Kayleen and Katlynn that came over to our house for the birth of our son. They were so professional and supporting. After 7 labors, I wish I would have discovered this way from the beginning. Highly recommended by our family!
— Coty Alonso, JUNE 2017

What a blessing this place and staff were! We felt taken care of, and with the amazing help of Michelle and Shannon was able to have my little one born safely at their awesome birth center in Orlando!
— Kira Wiseman Colon, JULY 2017
I LOVE LOVE LOVE Tree of Life! I have had my last two babies with them, one at the birth center in College Park, and one at home. Both experiences were amazing :) I actually looked forward to my midwife appointments because of all the wonderful midwives that work there, and sad when I have my babies and have no excuse to come back every month :) But most importantly, I trust them 110%. I would highly recommend anyone who is looking to have a great experience, while enjoying a safe and natural birth to make an appointment today!
— Jesse Klickman, JUNE 2017

I thank God for this wonderful group of people! From the moment we knew we were having a baby they educated us on everything we needed to know to prepare for our son. When he was ready to come they took care of my wife so well. I would recommend this birthing center and gynecology to all women of the world!
— Saint-Louis Jean, May 2017

Hands down there is no comparison! Every prenatal appointment I was made to feel like every aspect of my health mattered — nutrition, mental, emotional, as well as physical. I remember going to an OB for my first pregnancy and the doctor would ask a few questions and stay for maybe 10 minutes. Here at Tree of Life I had 1-2 women give me there full attention for almost an hour! And they always got my appointments started on time. I had more confidence in their clinical judgement than I would have had in an OB or nurse in a hospital. And I swear these ladies had the (natural) solution to every single malady I faced during my pregnancy, from my restless legs to my headaches to the annoying aftertaste of the fish oil pills! The hot birthing tub helped take the pain away more than I expected during labor. Diane was so calm and cool during my transition that it calmed me down - just what I needed. And I can’t say enough good things about Shannon. That woman is like the baby guru. She encapsulated my placenta for me and it made me feel like a goddess for two weeks after the birth. I also felt empowered to take care of my newborn even though she was only 4 hours old when I brought her home. And she’s still nursing like a BOSS at 4 months! I almost want to have a 3rd baby just so I can come here again. Thank you so much Tree of Life. You women amaze me. I tell everyone I meet that you are rockstars!
— Rosalie Perkins, January 2017

I switched over to tree of life at 30 weeks and it was the best decision i could have made. Hands down the best prenatal care a momma could ask for. All the midwives are great, my birth was amazing and I always felt that my baby and I were under The best care. Highly recommend!!
— Priscilla Ramirez, March 2017
I am very thankful to TOL (CP location) for the love and support I received through my pregnancy, labor, and delivery. During labor, Rhonda was absolutely amazing. She was with me the entire time and helped keep my sweet husband calm and reassured while I was navigating the pain. I was able to labor unmedicated at the birth center and started trying to push. Unfortunately, my little one was in a funky position and wasn’t making any progress after a few hours. Rhonda informed me of my options and we made the decision as a team to transfer to the hospital where I ended up needing a vacuum assist. Rhonda stayed with us the entire time at the hospital, supported me and the nurses, and advocated for me when needed. She did not leave until my daughter arrived and until I was stitched up and good to go. I would recommed TOL to anyone.
— Rachel Dawn Steele, JUNE 2016

I made the switch from OBGYN to Tree of Life at 28 weeks and could not be any happier I did. After my first visit I knew I was safe and this was the right place for me. Every single midwife I met with took the time to answer any and all my questions and explain what was going on during my pregnancy instead of rushing me out the door with prescriptions and zero knowledge of what to expect. When it came time for my birth Rhonda and Elena were AMAZING! I’m so grateful for their coaching, positivity, support, love, and calmness during a stressful turn of events. My husband and I tell everyone we know about our experience and have even changed a few minds to go the natural birth route as well. So very grateful for Tree of Life, thank you ALL!!!!
— Cara Nicole Lidberg, April 2017

I am SO happy I had my 2nd baby here. (I wish I had known about it for my 1st!) I loved all of midwives and all of the students that were often in my appointments, and felt so cared for and listened to. I have my 6 week postpartum visit next week and am sad I won’t be going back for a while. I will miss them!

I will DEFINITELTY have the rest of my children here. I love love love Tree of life.
— Janelle Gates Reid, March 2017

I can’t say enough great things about Tree of Life. I transferred my care to TOL in my third trimester. Sabely and Jaclyn spent so much time with me at each appointment. It was such a difference compared to my prior OB care. Sabely, Jaclyn, and Elena were amazing. Even though things didn’t go according to plan, Jaclyn and Elena quickly adapted and we delivered at home. I really enjoyed a home birth and I hope to have the same TOL team for my next prenatal care and delivery. Thank you TOL! You are all amazing. Six Stars!!
— Erica Chapman, December 2016

I had my daughter in the hospital and knew that I wanted to have my son at the birthing center. After 4 months with Sabely and Jaclyn I knew I was ready for a home birth. I LOVED Elena (student midwife) and I couldn’t imagine a better team. I gave birth on Christmas 11:30pm to my 9lb baby boy after 2 1/2 hours of intense labor in front of our Christmas tree with the support of my husband Sabely and Elena. If I could gift them the world I would. After all, that’s what they gifted me. I’d rate TOL 10 stars if I could.
— Michelle Morrisey Edwards, April 2017

Absolutely loved everything about our experience with TOL. Sabely and Rebecca were my midwives thru my pregnancy and Sabely (and Erica) ended up being there for the home birth of our first baby. Everything was perfect. The care we received from prenatal to labor to post partum was top notch. Pricing is incredible (we’re self pay) and billing was made easy. These midwives are not only educated, qualified, and well informed, but they are caring, loving women who are passionate about what they do. We plan on having 2 more babies and I can’t imagine doing anything other than home birth with the wonderful midwives at TOL! Can’t wait for next time. Thank you for everything, Sabely and all at TOL!
— Kimmy Rogowski, October 2015

I switched my care from OBGYN to Tree of Life at 26 weeks and never looked back. The care from the midwives are less invasive, nurturing, and thorough.
As a first time mom, I had no idea what to expect from an all-natural labor & birth. I chose TOL because they are experts in natural child birth. My labor and delivery was absolutely magical and went better than I could have dreamed!

When I arrived at TOL in labor, I felt safe, comforted, and secure to birth my baby. The lights were dimmed, we had candles lit, my calming music was playing, and the midwives were very supportive. I gave birth to our son 3 hours after arriving at the Birth Center, with 8 hours total of labor, and I attribute this to being in a wonderful environment surrounded by caring women, my Doula, and my husband. Diane and Kaitlyn are a rockstar midwifery team!
If you want a natural childbirth, go to the EXPERTS in Central Florida... and hire a doula!
— Kristina Davis, March 2016

It only took me two years to write this.. but I LOVED everything about Tree of Life and their midwives. So sweet and caring. You felt like you were among friends. I had an amazing home water birth. And was taken great care of even in the postpartum stage. I seriously couldn’t recommend them more! I can’t wait to become pregnant again to have another awesome experience! Thank you ladies for what you do to make us Mothers feel cared for!
— Abigail Cain-Gillespie, August 2016

I had my little baby girl less than 2 weeks ago at the Tree of Life College Park location with Diane and Kaitlin.They were Amazing!! Every appointment I always felt well taken care of!! The minute my husband and I pulled into the birth center with our 3 yr old when I was in labor, Diane met us out in the parking lot and helped bring everything in and walked me to my room helping me every step of the way! Everything happened so fast and they were both by my side encouraging me and guiding me when I was feeling overwhelmed. I was SO thrilled and happy to be able to have our lil baby at the birth center. Kaitlin was so wonderful! You could clearly see how much she loves her job and she took such good care of me and our lil baby! Best experience I’ve ever had and I would definitely go back to them if we have another!!
— Rebekah Sickles, JULY 2016